Bodyconnect: The healthcare sportswear

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Get a full training monitoring

Cardiac Monitoring


Breath analysis


Health checking


A connected sportswear for health analysis

Bodyconnect is the first health analysis and monitoring solution. The t-shirt has been developed to get several datas regarding your physical condition and your performances, then display those datas on your smartphone or other devices

Our solution can be used for professional team management or for a single user. Beginner or skilled, everyone can be monitored and improved thanks to the Bodyconnect solution.

Connected T-shirt
Connected T-shirt

A complete dashboard to check health and improvements

The dashboard for professionals can gather each player's data wearing a t-shirt powered by the Bodyconnect solution. Finally a way to optimize training sessions and prepare your team to be strongest.

The single user edition allows you to collect and display your own data, you can check your health condition and manage your training for achieving better and better.